Battle Dungeon Withdrawn From App Store Due To Piracy Issues

Less than a week after the game was released, Hunted Cow has taken the decision to remove Battle Dungeon from the Apple App Store, thanks to massive piracy making the game's server costs unsustainable. Initial demand highlighted a few issues with the server to the company, who looked into the game's usage to discover that... Continue Reading →

Battle Dungeon – Too Hardcore For iOS

Hunted Cow's latest release is Battle Dungeon, a multiplayer strategy game for Apple devices, which has already been branded 'too hard core for iOS' by the games press. The game challenges players to assemble a party of warriors, archers and clerics, train them, equip them and then take them into battle - playing against other... Continue Reading →

Civil War: 1863 – New iOS Strategy Game From Hunted Cow

A nation divided.  Two opposing sides, united by a love of their country, yet torn asunder by irreconcilable differences and notions of what it means to be 'an American'.  Ideology, political wrangling and corruption descending into hostility, conflict and open warfare... Not the forthcoming US elections, sadly, but the  American civil war.  A period of... Continue Reading →

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