Out Now – Where Are Your Games?  Cross Promoting Scotland…

Out Now – Where Are Your Games? Cross Promoting Scotland…

So in the run up to the joy of Christmas and the virtual madness of thousands of new apps, price drops, sales, new handsets, the closure of Open Feint and the many, many days of stress and madness to come, we thought we’d do something lovely for all of the games companies in Scotland.

If you cast your eyes to the top of the Scottish Games Network website, you shall see a new tab.  A new tab marked OUT NOW.

This will be a comprehensive list of all of the games from Scottish development studios which are on the market, available and can be bought, downloaded or otherwise played, right at this very minute.  Across every format.  Even physical disk-based stuff, since we believe some people still do that sort of thing

Like the Company Directory the goal is to create a definitive directory of all of the games on the market.

The idea is that we can ALL share the page URL and everyone benefits from more eyeballs, greater traffic, more recognition and being seen alongside one’s peers are a viable and active company.

It’s the Games We Like idea which the Pickford Brothers came up with, but covering i) a whole country and ii) games we don’t like too.  (Though if anyone asks, we’ll swear we love each and every last title from your guys).

But how should it be structured?  Alphabetically?  By platform?  By release date?  Screenshots?  Logos?  Reviews??  Metacritic???

Over to you, industry…


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