Billions And Billions Of Blazing Bubbles! And Dragons

Billions And Billions Of Blazing Bubbles! And Dragons

Outplay Entertainment, the venture-backed team of pro zany funsters in Dundee are back with a new game and it’s effervescent with dragony goodness.

Bubble Blaze is a classic bubble busting extravaganza, known and loved by billions of buoyant bubble bursters all over the cosmos.

Outplay promises that Bubble Blaze will bring new depths to the bubble bursting genre and send it up to new heights of addictableness.

The game takes players on a suitably epic journey, across Bubble Vale, pursuing the evil Sir Blackheart to recover the stolen treasure and dragon eggs.  There are even rumours of cutesy wikkle dragon pups, which may well be adorable and ‘wee’, though possibly not fluffy.

Bubble Blaze offers fifty levels of blazing bubble bursting, complete with power-ups, score boosts and ‘cursed bubbles’ which sound well scary.

The game is OUT NOW for iOS devices.  Download it for your iPad, iPhone or iPod.  Bubble Blaze is FREE because Outplay is a munificent and magnanimous organisation with your best interests at heart.

You must download it now, or baby dragons yet unborn will never have the gift of life.

Go you now.  Burst bubbles.  Birth pups.  Recover bullion.  Defeat Evil through your bubble destroying dexterity.

Go we say.

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