Games Analytics Shifts Into Top Gear

Games Analytics Shifts Into Top Gear

Games Analytics, Edinburgh’s data delving wizards, have been signed by BBC Worldwide to support the new Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution mobile game.

Games Analytics has integrated their Predict technology into the game and is already improving player engagement for the free-to-play title.  The game experience for different players has been optimised and redesign of the upgrades and the difficulty curve of a mission has increased user retention by 95%.

While data driven design has been dismissed out of hand by much of the games industry as a shameful failure to make things properly, based on well understood principles such as truth, beauty and more rocket launchers, the use of analytics does provide companies creating online games with invaluable insight into how their games (designed by a proper designer and inspired by truth, beauty a yearning for justice and a burly space marine) are performing.

Chris Wright, the CEO and (co) founder is of course delighted.  “We are delighted to be working with BBC Worldwide on the first fully integrated mobile implementation of our platform offering real-time predictive analytics and in-game messaging. Analytics to date on Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution clearly demonstrates the power of using analytics during the early stages of development.”

Told you he was delighted.

Well done Games Analytics, Top Gear is one of the Beeb’s biggest franchises and the mobile game should do great things for all things Stig-related.

We’re looking forward to the forthcoming  Jeremy Clarkson Kinect title, where you can spend hours slapping a virtual recreation of Britain’s most on-demand curmudgeon.  We would of course ask Games Analytics to get involved and tell us when it moves from hilarious satire to relentlessly pummelling a bewildered, weeping pretend man.

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