BitSocket On TV?

BitSocket On TV?

Unless you’re clinically dead, pathologically uninterested in games, or use the Internet exclusively for porn/lolcats, then you’ll be aware of BitSocket.  They’ve picked up the mantle of the late and very much lamented Consolevania, producing online news, reviews and games coverage.

Now the BitSocket team may – and we’re going to repeat that in a larger, bolder, more colourful font MAY be able to bring their heady mixture of games knowledge, enthusiasm and gurgling delight to the TV.  Yes, the proper one.  They’ve had an ‘expression of interest’.

However, they need to prove there’s an audience there for this kind of thing.

Which is where you come in.  The BitSocket boys have created an online survey.  It’s fast.  You can complete it in about a minute.  Or a second if you’re a programmer.

This *could* be awesome.  Games?  Back on TV?  Done by two loveable scamps from Scotland?  It must be so.  It has to be so.

Please help.  Fill in the survey, say yes in all the right places.  But more than that – share it.  Tell your friends, family, colleagues, loved ones, acquaintances and any television commissioning editors you might happen to know – that we would very much like to see games back on the TV, but not the hooting buffoons or yore.  We want smart, sassy and intelligent games coverage.

Make it happen.

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