BAFTA In Scotland Needs YOU

BAFTA In Scotland Needs YOU

Regular readers of industry bible, will know that we’re fans of BAFTA In Scotland.  They’re a good bunch, who do much to support the screen industries in Scotland and who are genuinely trying to incorporate more interactive and games content into their programme, as well as building up membership in the games sector.

Membership of ‘the academy’ (yes, it does sound cool…) is open to people working in the moving image industries in Scotland.  That includes film, television and of course games of all descriptions.  There’re even career starter and student options to ensure that the next generation of talent can benefit from joining.

And there are other benefits too…

  • An exclusive Tuesday night film preview screening in Glasgow (twice a month on Mondays in Edinburgh) for you and a guest. 
  • Access to special screenings, events, masterclasses and seminars.
  • Members offers which currently include free admission to any film at any time in Cineworld, Monday – Thursday.
  • Networking opportunities such as members drinks held throughout the year.
  • Voting rights for Film and Television in the British Academy Scotland Awards (not Student or Career Starter Members)

The voting rights means you get early access to a *lot* of new films and access to some very cool events.  While they’ve been focused on film/tv to date, the BAFTA In Scotland committee has some rather exciting plans to incorporate far more games-related activity and materials into their plans for the coming year.

(And yes, Dundee residents, that may well include one or more events within the city limits, so you can attend and participate without panicking and mewling like a sickly veal calf in quicksand.)

Of course, the major benefit here is that the academy’s (see, told you it sounds cool) focus on the wider screen industries means that you are constantly meeting people from other areas who are fascinated and really want to know more about the games sector, the technology behind games and the growing convergence between film, television and games.

Plus, let’s be honest guys, they do better parties.  WAY better.  There’s winning a BAFTA and there are some other awards.  There’s the red carpet and doing Jaegerbombs with Peter Capaldi and Catriona Shearer and then there’re game awards where the total number of famous people is one (if we’re there…)

Still not convinced?  BAFTA In Scotland events in 2011/2012 included:

-Edinburgh International Film Festival annual BAFTA in Scotland Interview with Bill Nighy.

-‘It’s a Matter of Ethics’ – Masterclass with Roger Graef OBE.

-WE’LL TAKE MANHATTAN screening and Q&A with Director, John McKay.

-THE AWAKENING screening and Q&A with Director, Nick Murphy.

-British Academy Scotland Awards 2011

-SHAME screening and Q&A with Writer/Director, Steve McQueen.

-Glasgow Film Festival Interview with Brian Cox.

-Wildlife Filmmaking Masterclass with Nigel Pope.

-BAFTA in Scotland New Talent Awards 2012.

-Amongst a packed programme of screenings we previewed DRIVE; TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY; WARHORSE; SHAME; THE ARTIST; IDES OF MARCH.

Now imagine the 2012 calendar, with lots of lovely game things in there…

Full membership for BAFTA In Scotland costs £105 for a year.  There are a whole host of other options however.  A ‘Country membership’ for those who live in excitingly rural locations where sheep get in the way of traffic and electricity is predicted ‘real soon now’ (insert obligatory Dundee joke), or Career Starter and Student membership options for new up-and-coming game developers.

Rather than rabbit on, if you have any questions about BAFTA In Scotland, why not ask the professionals?  Contact Sam Ferguson on 0141 302 1770 /

While we’re at it, support for BAFTA in Scotland contributes directly to the success of Scotland’s moving image industries.  A strong creative industries sector helps our economy, nurtures our emerging talent and creates jobs and opportunities.

Join up.

Or we can pretend games exists in splendid isolation and that sneering at other industries will see us through.  Your choice.

You do need to get your skates on though.  Membership for 2012 closes on June 1st.  Yes, we should have posted this earlier.  Yes, we suck.  Humblest apologies to all.

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