BBC In Dundee – Games Special

BBC In Dundee – Games Special

For a recent episode of Show Me The Money, the BBC sent reporter the excellently-named-for-a-lead-action-hero, Jack Garland to Dundee to ponder the ongoing evolution of the games sector.

Mr Garland mentions the collapse of RTW (again), before moving thoughtfully onwards to the rise of casual, social and mobile gaming.

Digital Goldfish are shown, strolling, like well-dressed playas, down balmy South Tay Street, while Guerilla Tea discuss business models and the importance of marketing and social media, with Jack.  Proper Games rounds things up with a quick visit to the studio and fleeting, yet intriguing mention of product placement as a potential business model.


Jack then abseils down the side of the McManus gallery, punches a bus and leaves in a sports car.

But that’s not the first time Mr Garland has had a mission in Dundee.  Jack produced an earlier piece, also featuring Guerilla Tea, Proper Games and an amiable bunch of students, whom Jack didn’t execute with icy indifference.

Looking this time at the growth of mobile gaming, Jack appears on top of a game of Flock!, using only the power of his mind, before carrying out enhanced interrogation on Proper’s Grant Alexander and winning 300 games of Yo Deshi in a row.  He then paddled up the Tay on a burning torpedo and roundhouse-kicked a horse to death.

According to the following week’s Points Of View, the horse was evil.

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