Engage Invest Exploit 2013

Engage Invest Exploit 2013

Engage Invest Exploit is an event run by Edinburgh University’s globally respected School of Informatics, which offers start-up companies the opportunity to showcase their work to an audience of investors, business experts (and your editor, since the rest of the media gives not a fig).

It’s an event which is often overlooked and tends to be missed by interactive companies – despite there being a number of interesting and relevant companies exhibiting or participating.

This years event featured a keynote from Sir Jackie Stewart, OBE who was – and we were we surprised here – entirely fascinating and engaging.  There were a couple of Alan Partridge moments (Sir Jackie looks like a mini version of Norfolk’s second favourite son), but it was hugely entertaining and very worthwhile.

The date for EIE 13 has just been announced and we’d recommend it to any company or individual who’s interested in the wider advances in technology and new business.

Thursday 9th of May is the date for your diaries.  Three things to note here:

  • It’s a year away. That’s enough time for even the busiest CEO
  • It takes place in Edinburgh.  That’s NOT Dundee, for Dundee readers, but see point one, above
  • It features companies doing new and interesting interactive things which do NOT necessarily include making games

Find out more and book your place now.

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