We’ve just updated our JOBS page.  Guess what we need?  That’s right.  Vacancies, opportunities, internships.  Mail us with…

  • The position vacant
  • A description of said vacancy
  • Your logo
  • The recruitment page on your website
  • Bit of background on your company

And we’ll get something up asafp.

Here’s a thought – try to be interesting, clever, creative, fun, exciting and interesting.  We’re not Edge.  We’re effective, focused and honest.  If you send us crap, we will use it, but we reserve the right to subtly (oh so subtly) take the piss out of your dull corporate howling.

We’re open to more creative and exciting opportunities too.  Site takeovers, banners, interviews and profiles to aid your recruitment drive.  Reasonable rates, real commitment, funnier than Edge.  It’s our promise to you – because we love you – and you feel that.

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