We've just updated our JOBS page.  Guess what we need?  That's right.  Vacancies, opportunities, internships.  Mail us with... The position vacant A description of said vacancy Your logo The recruitment page on your website Bit of background on your company And we'll get something up asafp. Here's a thought - try to be interesting, clever,... Continue Reading →

The Masques – Voiceovers, Narration, Characters, Tutorials & Awesome

A huge thanks to the team at The Masques for our recent banner.  The Masques is a casting agency based in Edinburgh, which works with a wide range of actors (proper actors from film and TV).  They also do a lot of corporate work, providing talented people who can do voices and act in other... Continue Reading →

Please Welcome – The Masques

Games creators and publishers are becoming increasingly comfortable with the idea of using talent from outside 'the industry'.  Professional writers and musicians are now an established part of the development process - and thanks to titles such as L.A. Noire, stage and screen actors are becoming just as valued. However, the idea of using a... Continue Reading →

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