The UK’s Favourite Designer

The UK’s Favourite Designer

OK, it’s a subjective question.  Who is the best designer in the UK?  Now the team at Zappar have helped answer that question with their new project.

Hot on the heels of working with supermodel Solenn Heussaff and some ice cream; a couple of the world’s biggest wrestling stars, classic english literature, reinventing greetings cards and American Idol Adam Lambert, plus, you know, THE QUEEN (the real one), Zappar has now brought its considerable expertise to bear and resurrected the massively popular rhythm action game, previously the domain of titles such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

Best of all, the new Zappar games can be found at your local Asda and picked up for a defiantly reasonable £7.00.

And you can wear it on holiday, impress girls and/or boys and the app is FREE for iOS and Android.

Augmented reality, games, fashion, music.  If you want to take it to the full on rock star level, you can even use it to identify ‘chemicals‘ if you know what we mean.

Go on, have a play…


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