All Change…

All Change…

So you may have noticed the new theme on the site.  It’s the first step in the ongoing evolution of the site as a force for all that is good and right and true in the rapidly evolving wide, wide world o’ games.

NOW for the FIRST TIME EVER you can find all of the important bits of the site – The COMPANY DIRECTORY, the SUBMIT A BANNER page and the CORNER SHOP of ULTIMATE FASHION, all in one place.

The banner remains.  We love you and it gives individuals and companies a way to contribute and participate in new and exciting ways (and it’s open to everyone remember…)

Along with the new LinkedIn group, the Facebook page, Twitter account, RSS feed and e-mail list, we’re hitting several thousand people per day and pulling in all manner of attention from the powers-that-be, the powers-that-would-like-to-be, media, wider interactive sector and the ivory towers of academia from all four corners of the world.

Welcome all, to “the industry bible” (Holyrood Magazine).

We’re planning a lot more new and fascinating updates over the next few weeks, in anticipation of something a little more fundamental and radical later in 2012.  All good, we assure you.  In the mean time, we’re going to try this democracy thing over on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  We’ll be asking what you, our beloved readers, would like to see more of, less of, some of and otherwise pick your brains about how to make Scottishgames even more invaluable and awesome.

Then we can stick it to the rest of the creative industries with our astonishing use of digital media.  Because let’s face it, it would be embarrassing to be overtaken by the film & tv crowd, or art & antiques.

We’re counting on you.  Now go enjoy Monday…

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