Happy Birthday iBomber

Happy Birthday iBomber

Happy birthday to you.  Happy birthday to you.  Happy birthday dear iBomber, Cobra’s hugely popular top-down WWII themed bomb-em-up for iOS.  Happy birthday to yooooouu.

We suspect we may now owe Warner Bros money for a public performance but, to be fair, screw them.  Their hired goons are likely yo be out turning over children’s parties, threatening family gathering and turning over picnic tables to extort their blood money from the innocent, rather than reading the world’s most popular website focused on the interactive entertainment and digital media industry in Scotland.  Fools.

Anyway, as you may have guessed, iBomber, the top-down iOS game of wholesale destruction and massive collateral damage has just turned three.  Originally released this week in 2009, the game has proved incredibly popular and spawned an entire franchise.  The most recent release, iBomber Defense Pacific was the biggest yet, launching simultaneously on both iOS and Valve’s terrifyingly huge and globe-bestriding digital distribution platform, Steam.

Cobra’s now planning TWO new games in the iBomber series, to be announced in July this year which promises to take iBomber into whole new realms of bombing.  We’re hoping for precision guided-ordnance and drone aircraft, which allow one to engage in illegal assassination of foreign nationals, or a wider range of tactical weaponry, such as bunker busters, runway ravagers or napalm.

In the meantime, why not sit and reminisce about the good old days, with a pint of wallop round the old joanna and raise a glass to the good old days with the original iBomber trailer.  We remember when all this was fields.  Blackened, burned, desolate fields.  And rubble.

Happy birthday iBomber.  As pioneering and aficionados of all that is good and right when it comes to games, we’re certain you’ll have bought and played iBomber before now.  However, to celebrate its third birthday, Cobra have thoughtfully made the game FREE for a limited period.  You could tell your non-iBombing chums.

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  1. This is a great game. I played games like this back on the Amiga 600 (which I still have) – but I hope Warner Brothers won’t sue me for saying that or still having it 😉

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