Zeds: New Game From Chunk & Channel 4 Uses Sleep Patterns To Generate Gameplay

Zeds is a curious new game from the team at Chunk in Glasgow.  Created in conjunction with Channel 4 Education, the game has been designed to teach teenagers about sleep in a fun, entertaining and unique way. Teenagers are often unaware that disturbed sleep patterns and a rough nights sleep, thanks to studying, exams, or... Continue Reading →

WeeWorld – Studio Profile

WeeWorld has been around on the periphery of the games industry, for several years now. Yet while many people recognise the company, it has evolved hugely since it was founded and is now working at the cutting edge of interactive entertainment. So. In a nutshell: WeeWorld creates 'visually distinctive and deeply engaging web, iOS and... Continue Reading →

Coming Soon… WeeWorld Week

The first ever week-long focus on an innovative interactive company based in Scotland kicks off later today with WeeWorld. Thanks to the art team for the spiffy new banner gracing the top of the blog.  Watch this space for much more info.  Coming soon....

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