TONIGHT – Computer Animation: Where Science Meets Art

TONIGHT – Computer Animation: Where Science Meets Art

It’s a little last minute, but the Edinburgh Science Festival has a real live PIXAR veteran speaking tonight, as part of the event’s technology strand…

Computer animation comes about through a remarkable collaboration between scientists, technologists and artists. Top animation scientist Ronen Barzel, whose career includes a stint at award-winning Pixar, gives his take on the nature of the collaboration; how research and technology advances inspire artistic achievement, which in turn drives further research and technological development. The latest in an ongoing series of Sydney Michaelson Memorial Lectures.

It’s been put together by a number of knowledgeable Edinburgh technology ‘boffins’ and promises to explore the outer reaches of the world(s) of computer animation.

Tickets are priced at a very reasonable £8 (or £6 concession) and are available NOW.

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