Speech Graphics Recruiting

One of the companies we were massively impressed by at the recent Engage-Invest-Exploit event in Edinburgh was Speech Graphics.  Their technology, which synchronises lip movement with recorded speech is simply the best we've seen.  To the extent that all of the Xbox 360 and PS3 games we played over the following weeks looked almost embarrassing... Continue Reading →

TONIGHT – Computer Animation: Where Science Meets Art

It's a little last minute, but the Edinburgh Science Festival has a real live PIXAR veteran speaking tonight, as part of the event's technology strand... Computer animation comes about through a remarkable collaboration between scientists, technologists and artists. Top animation scientist Ronen Barzel, whose career includes a stint at award-winning Pixar, gives his take on... Continue Reading →

Cereproc Granted Patent For Emotional Speech Synthesis System

It may be heading rapidly towards the end of the year, but the new keeps on coming, like endless waves of informative zombies towards an isolated mountain hut. You may not have come across Cereproc before, but the Edinburgh-based company is a leader in speech synthesis and text-to-speech systems.  Now, the company's emotional speech synthesis... Continue Reading →

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