World Exclusive – Moops – New From Red Radiant Media

World Exclusive – Moops – New From Red Radiant Media

The past weekend saw the ever awesome Game In Scotland event take place in Dundee.  A recruitment fair, networking opportunity, platform for new talent and general shindig for the games industry in Scotland, it introduced a whole range of entirely new companies, working across a huge range of new and interesting areas of interactive entertainment.

Chief amongst these was Red Radiant Media.  Regular readers of Scottishgames will have come across the company before.  They let us know about a new augmented reality app towards the end of 2011, as well as looking for new staff.

At Game In Scotland however, Red Radiant emerged, as if from nowhere, with a number of fantastic announcements about new games, new projects, new partners and major plans for the rest of 2012 and much of 2013.

The first of these was Moops, an original new title being developed in conjunction with Darkside Animation.  Moops is somewhat platform-y, in which the player has to hunt and ‘thwack’ critters, so your trusty companion can vacuum them up and rid Barrel City of the nasty things.

From what we saw, the game uses a combination of gestures and physics-based gameplay, to create a cross between a classic platform game, with elements of Luigi’s Mansion.

Moops is due out in May 2012 for iOS devices.

A second title – Kitchen Games is due out later in 2012, though fewer details on this title were given.  iOS again and a cartoon style variety of indoor athletic events from what we could see.

Tahir, the head of Red Radiant also dropped a number of hints and showed a couple of screenshots for several new projects which the company has in the pipeline.  Another Moops title was mentioned, but the biggest reaction from the crowd was for a game based in the  underwater city of Atlantis.  Since Red Radiant boasts team members who are former members of Realtime Worlds and Irrational Games, with titles under their belts including Crackdown and Bioshock (I & II) – with sales of over 20,000,000 games and four BAFTA awards between various team members.

Only a single screenshot was shown, but the style and atmosphere was very reminiscent of everyone’s favourite underwater dystopia.  We won’t lie.  We’re excited.  Very excited.  Expect this one to get a rapturous welcome (sorry).

We hope to have more news and updates from Red Radiant Media in the near future.  In the meantime, Moops is coming to an iOS device near you soon.  We recommend you pick a copy up…

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