Codeplay Nominated For Scottish Business Award

Codeplay Nominated For Scottish Business Award

Codeplay is one of the games industry’s more mysterious companies.  You may have heard the name, but few people can state with confidence what the company actually does.

Which is a shame because Codeplay is one of the most technically sophisticated companies in the industry and has been pushing the outer limits of the cutting edge for over ten years now.

To put it simply, Codeplay creates, tests and optimises compilers for very large companies which make devices like games consoles or mobile phone handsets.  The company’s list of projects, clients and successes makes the phrase

The company is also now working on software to help developers squeeze more out of their games and increase performance from Artificial Intelligence (AI) and in-game effects, without increasing the load on the hardware’s main processor.

In addition, Codeplay is also a member of a European-funded syndicate looking into the future of graphics and lower power graphics processing.

If this sounds rather complex, it is.  Codeplay works on incredibly advanced and sophisticated projects and has more brains in-house than the rest of the Scottish games industry should it be gathered, pressed, blended, strained and distilled into a delicious concentrate.

Now Codeplay’s hard work is being recognised.  The company’s new Offload technology, which is used in Eutechnyx’s new online NASCAR game, has been nominated in the Scottish Business Awards.

The awards ceremony take place later this month, so there’s a good chance you may be reading more about Codeplay in these pages in the near future.

In the meantime, Codeplay is hiring AND is always keen to speak to seriously smart people.  If you’re interested in making the future of gaming actually come true, then you could do a whole lot worse than give them a call.

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