Out Now – Word Trick For iOS

Out Now – Word Trick For iOS

Word Trick, Outplay Entertainment’s first title for Apple iOS is now live on the App Store in the US, UK, Canada and Europe.  The game is new take on the classic board game formula.  Players take it in turns to make the highest scoring words they can from a selection of eight letters.

The board features the familiar double and triple letter or word scores, but Word Trick adds a new element with green ‘trick tiles’ which give players bonus points when they’re used in groups of three or more.  Up to four players can take part in a single game and players can have up to 21 games in progress at any one time.

Clear?  Good.

Word Trick can now be enjoyed by Facebook and iOS users alike.  On the same game.  On different platforms.  Mind BLOWN.  Truly we are in the FUTURE…

You can also play against other players in the same location by passing your phone back and forth, like a tiny electronic board game of joy.

Word Trick for iOS is available now for your iPad, iPod or iPhone.  There is a free, ad-funded version of the game available now.  A paid for version which removes the adverts will be available shortly.

Go get it.

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