SGN Team Grows – Meet Andrew & Ryan

You may have noticed that the output of the Scottish Games Network has increased over the last few weeks. You may even have noticed that the quality and variety of the writing has improved. This is due to two new members of the SGN team. Andrew Gordon and Ryan Duff have come on board to... Continue Reading →

Rockstar North To Be Honoured By BAFTA Scotland

BAFTA Scotland has bent the rules slightly to recognise the incredible achievement of Rockstar North in the design and development of GTA V. The team will receive a Special Award For Excellence at the 2013 BAFTA Scotland Awards, which takes place in central Glasgow on Sunday 17th of November. Special awards are normally given to... Continue Reading →

Sic Transit Gloria TEAM – Consolevania Remembered

Because it's important, dammit...  A misty-eyed Cara Ellison from Square-Go interviews a steely-eyed and chiselled Robert Florence on the legacy of Consolevania. If you're not familiar with the Consolevania 'thing', well, you should be.  Thankfully you can now download all of them (including the inspirationally Scotland-heavy Fluff piece) from iTunes. Go read the piece, watch... Continue Reading →

Consolevania – Out Now On iTunes

In one of the most generous and artistically significant moves of the mobile age, the first two seasons of Consolevania, the ground-breaking Scottish videogames show, are now FREE to download on iTunes. This includes the monumentally important Scottish Games Industry Fluff Piece, created by the Consolevania team for the Edinburgh Interactive festival in 2008. It's... Continue Reading →

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