Eldevin – New Massively-Multiplayer Role-Playing Game In Development By Hunted Cow

Hunted Cow, the Elgin-based Online Role-playing game specialist has launched a website to support the company’s forthcoming game Eldevin.

Eldevin is a browser-based massively-multiplayer role playing game (or MMORPG if you prefer).  Elvdein is Java-based and features both Player-versus-Environment (PvE or doing stuff yourself) and Player-versus-Player (PVP or knocking lumps out of other people) gameplay.

The website promises a huge world, chock-a-block with cities, dungeons and secretes, crammed with hundreds of quests, characters, classes and multiple branching storylines, in which choices have long-term affects on the progress within the game.

Hunted Cow is releasing news and updates about the game regularly through the website, as well a information and background on the world and history of Eldevin.

You can join the Eldevin community over on the website, follow the game’s progress on Facebook, or find out more on Hunted Cow’s YouTube channel.

We’ll keep you posted on the game as it approaches release and hope to have an interview with the Hunted Cow team up online at some point soon.

2 thoughts on “Eldevin – New Massively-Multiplayer Role-Playing Game In Development By Hunted Cow

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  1. I’ve been playing Fallen Sword for 3 yrs now, enjoy the game. Looking forward to this new game.
    When do you expect the game to be on line???

  2. They should get the bugs out of Fallen Sword before they try to make another game. In FS there are daily problems that any “top rate” internet game maker would have solved long ago. I will never spend one dime on anything the Cows come up with.

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