Jobs Page Updated

Jobs Page Updated

We’re just finished updating the JOBS PAGE.  This is a new section of the site, which will list all of the latest, greatest and most interesting jobs in and around the interactive (and digital and animation and general games type stuff) sector here in Scotland.

The latest update is from the team at Waracle in Dundee.  Waracle has made quite a name for itself in the design and development of new apps and social websites, as well as a growing number of game type projects.

They’re now looking for a graduate UI/2D Artist and graduate 3D Animator to join the team.  Both positions are initially temporary, but may become permanent in the near future.

As the various app markets continue to grow and the thirst for new apps and mobile presence increases amongst brand owners, licensors and major corporate companies, this is an area which is only going to get busier.

In addition to the posts with Waracle, we’re still carrying jobs for the fairly awesome social avatar site WeeWorld, virtual world pioneers Huzutech and a variety of roles for the seriously decent team at Codeplay.  Which covers Edinburgh and Glasgow, not just the fair city of Dundee.  Though there’s a role there too, with the mighty Ruffian, should you fancy it.

Go and check them out.  You deserve to be happy in your work…

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