Playwrights’ Studio Scotland – 360 Narratives

Playwrights’ Studio Scotland – 360 Narratives

Scotland’s Playwrights’ Studio has created the 360 Narratives course, to offer writers the opportunity to learn about and experience other forms of writing.

Working in teams, writers and narrative creators from different fields will collaborate to create story worlds that can be exploited across a variety of media by looking at how to develop ideas and projects reproducible in two or more forms e.g. a book and a film, a game and a graphic novel, a children’s picture book and a play, etc.

The programme is open to established authors and writers, from a variety of backgrounds, including children’s books, novelists, playwrights, screen writers, graphic novelists and game developers.  The 360 Narratives programme aims to broaden networks and find common ground to create characters and worlds. Writers will share practice and experiences, and build new ideas and projects together.

There are several events within the 360 Narratives programme, starting with an initial weekend collaboration on the 19th and 20th of November, followed by a week long residency in March 2012.

Several experienced professionals from across a variety of industries and backgrounds will be on-hand to offer insight and encourage and answer questions.

Writers must register to attend the open weekend.  Tickets are still available.

If you’re interested in attending, or are already booked up, we’d love to hear more about the event and how it turns out…


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