Showers Of Awards & Delight

Showers Of Awards & Delight

It’s been a busy few days, awards-wise.  Many friends of picked up trophies, gongs, vaguely satisfying see through perspex things and medals.

First up, the Games Media Awards were held on Wednesday night in London.  It was a noteworthy year, mostly for the wrong reasons, but threw up some interesting results.  Notably, long-time friend, supporter and enthusiastic pro-joypad scribe, Dave Cook scooped the Best Regional Columnist award, for the second time.  Next year we’ll start an unstoppable campaign to push fellow Scottish games publications  Ready Up and Square Go onto the winners podium…

Next up, ambitious development powerhouse Tag Games scooped the Best Game award at the Herald Digital Business Awards on Thursday evening at a similarly glittering – though less rambunctious – ceremony in Glasgow.  (We’ll bring you the full list of winners once it goes up online…)

Finally, but no means least(ably) the fine people at TIGA scored the Outstanding Organisation at the Chartered Management Institute’s Leadership & Management Awards.

Congratulations to all involved.  Next up, who’d like to see the inaugural Scottish Games Awards?

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