Funpark Friends – New From Tag Play

Funpark Friends – New From Tag Play

It’s a busy week for releases.  Hot on the heels of their move into new (larger) office premises Tag Games has released the first title from their new original games label, Tag Play.

Funpark Friends is an original new game for iPhone and iPad in which players must create and manage their own theme park.  Without putting the words ‘theme’ or ‘park’ in any sort of legally meaningful way…

Joking aside, the game takes the widely loved build-your-own-fun-park-theme-park-thing genre and moves it into the new generation of casual and social gaming.  Now you too can become a tycoon who excels at building amusement rides such as roller coasters.

According to Tag:

The first game from Tagplay marks our baby steps into social and freemium gaming. Funpark Friends is going to be an awesome free to play game in which the player must build the theme park of their dreams. It’s due for global release on 1st October of this year and we’ve very excited about the opportunity to grow the game over time with weekly and monthly content updates planned. It may start off small, but this is one game that has the potential to become huge! The design team are just bursting at the seams trying to stop coming up with cool game-play ideas and so we know if you have as much fun playing the game as we’ve had making it you’ll be in for a treat!

Funpark Friends will introduce a number of quirky social features allowing players to share the game experience with their friends. One problem with so called social games on mobile is that very few of them are actually all that social. We’ve tried to avoid this kind of response, after all no-one visits theme parks alone! What point is there in taming the wildest of rollercoasters if your friends aren’t there to experience it with you? This won’t be a problem in FPF. You can find out more about Funpark Friends by “Liking” us on Facebook to keep up with the latest info.

Funpark Friends can be downloaded for free, from the iTunes App Store now.

You can also follow Tag’s new division over on Twitter.

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