Legend Of The FISH OF FURY – New From T-Enterprise

Legend Of The FISH OF FURY – New From T-Enterprise

Despite being one of the country’s more prolific studios, we’ve not heard a huge amount from Glasgow’s T-Enterprise in the last few months.  We’re guilty of not covering absolutely everything (since this day job doesn’t half get in the way of covering everything you lovely people get up to).  So it’s extra DOUBLE awesome to hear from the company and find out about their latest title.

Legend of the FISH OF FURY is out now for iOS.  Again, for the non-gamers among you, that’s Apple things.  iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Aiming to knock the now ubiquitous disgruntled birds off their oh-so-very-high-and-mighty-perch, Fish Of Fury introduces a more direct approach to defeating enemies than dismantling their improbably precarious shelters.  Using tap and swipe controls, players must take their chosen fighting fish into battle, with the purpose of kicking ass (with new content being unlocked for doing so in a suitably ‘awesome’ way).

The game’s dedicated website has more information…

The Legend of the Fish of Fury allows you to swipe and tap your way to glory against some of the most slippery customers ever to enter the battle! It’s the ultimate touch-screen fighting game on the iPhone and iPad! Battle your way through dozens of increasingly furious opponents as you master the fish-tastic, intuitive controls that allow for the most fluid fighting moves yet seen on the touch-screen!

Legend of the Fish of Fury features a unique, one-handed gameplay system that allows you to punch, kick, block and move just by swiping or tapping the screen – all with one hand! The result is the fastest, most furious hand-to-hand combat seen on any touch-screen platform so far! Drown yourself in a world of watery combat and flatten those furious fish quick – before they flatten you!

The fastest, slickest, most action-packed, one-on-one fighting game yet!

  • 9 Super-cute yet furious fish fighting characters, each with their own characteristics and combos
  • 4 different watery battlefields!
  • 4 games modes – Arcade, Survival, Practice and Quick-Play
  • Unique gaming controls – simply slide your fingers to kick and block or double-tap the screen to unleash a fury of lethal punch combos to liquidate your enemies!
  • Quick-Play Mode means that even smaller kids will be able to pick up and play with ease!
  • 8 languages available – English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Chinese
  • Amazing visual effects and funky soundtracks!
  • Dozens of exciting updates coming soon! Follow the fish fighters themselves at #fishoffury to find out more!

The Legend Of Fish Of Fury has already been App Of The Day over on Tech Digest and had a favourable review in The Sun.

It’s a mere £0.69 over on the Apple app store and works on whatever iOS device you’re lucky enough to own.  Go buy it now.

Congratulations to T-Enterprise and we’re talking to them nicely to get more information from them for a more in-depth piece in the near future.

You’ll notice T-Enterprise also, thoughtfully, put together a new banner for the site.  Thank you guys…

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