– All New JOBS PAGE – All New JOBS PAGE

It’s taken a little while longer than planned, but we’re thrilled, delighted and generally chuffed to announce the launch of the brand new JOBS PAGE.

Sure, it’s a little rough and ready at the moment, but it’s heading in the right direction.  Pulling together ALL of the games, interactive and digital media related roles out there across the whole of Scotland.

We will list jobs from ALL of the games-related companies out there.  PLUS, because we’re awesome, we will also, gladly, list all of the POSITIONS WANTED by graduates, freelancers and folks looking for part-time work or internships.

In addition to a placement on the JOBS PAGE, each and every company will get a post on Scottishgames, inclusion in the daily/weekly e-mail updates AND cross-posting on the Facebook and the Twitter (and the Google+ once we get that sorted out).

The first companies to be included are:

Which means that we have jobs there spread across Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee.  And we’ll work on the outlying regions of the country as we progress.

In short, it is the single best way for companies which are hiring and people who are looking for work, to discover one another, chat, flirt, buy drinks and… well, who knows.

Because we’re lovely, the initial adverts we’ve posted are free.  For job seekers, students, graduates, etc. this will always be so (within reason).  For companies with positions to advertise we’re thinking of a fairly low charge.  Maybe £10 per ad per week (with all of the above sexy stuff thrown in…)

There are already a lot of positions listed.  But we want more.  MORE, dammit.  So, developers, animation studios, etc. keep us posted with your vacancies and positions.

And yes, agencies.  We can work with you guys too.  Like we keep telling you, we’re pretty awesome like that.

So, comment, like, share, post, tweet, +1 or otherwise let us know what you think.  Feedback and thoughts are always welcome.

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