Lub Vs Dub Wins BAFTA New Talent Award

The BAFTA New Talent awards is an annual competition for people who have just begun their careers in the screen industries, or who have released their first work. ¬†The competition is open to students, graduates and newcomers of all shapes and sizes. This year's competition saw three very different games entered for the competition, one... Continue Reading →

Lub Vs Dub – Scottish Game Jam Winner Hits The App Store

Lub Vs Dub is a brand new game, for iPhone and iPad, which was born in the blistering forge of the 2013 Global Game Jam. The game picked up the Best Tech and Best Game awards at the event - and went on to be showcased at a number of independent game events, including the... Continue Reading →

Edinburgh Man Becomes (a) God Thanks To Video Game

Bryan Henderson, all praise his mightiness, an unassuming chap from Edinburgh has become supreme deity with a near infinite power of life and death over an entire population, thanks to his ineffable mastery over video games. In his wisdom, Mr Henderson (praise him unto the furthest stars) downloaded Curiosity, an 'experiment' for iOS created by... Continue Reading →

Daley Thompson’s Decathlon Is BACK For iOS & Android

If you're a dedicated retro-gamer, or if you're just old, you'll be familiar with the classic sports title, Daley Thompson's Decathlon. ¬†Originally publisher in 1984 (by Ocean, fact fans...), the game offered players the chance to compete in the ten Decathlon events as the multiply-medalled and incredibly idolised Daley Thompson. The game was famous as... Continue Reading →

Commonwealth 2014 Games Competition Winner Chosen

William Rountree, a student from Abertay University in Dundee is the winner of the game design competition run by the organisers of the 2014 Commonwealth Games. William's concept was judged by a panel of industry experts, including Dave Jones (the gentleman behind games including Lemmings, Grand Theft Auto and Crackdown, just in case you don't... Continue Reading →

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