Lub Vs Dub – Scottish Game Jam Winner Hits The App Store

Lub Vs Dub – Scottish Game Jam Winner Hits The App Store

LvD Ad WideLub Vs Dub is a brand new game, for iPhone and iPad, which was born in the blistering forge of the 2013 Global Game Jam.

The game picked up the Best Tech and Best Game awards at the event – and went on to be showcased at a number of independent game events, including the inaugural BAFTA Scotland Play Party, where it was voted Best Game from a wide range of titles from new teams and indie developers.

2_Player_Spin_iPadFuturo has now refined, enhanced and updated the game to incorporate new features for iOS, including retina graphics, new game modes, leader boards, etc.

The game itself is something new and unique, a competitive, multiplayer real-time endless running game on a single device.  Based around the game jam’s original concept – the sound of a heart beat – the game places players on opposite sides of an ECG signal.

The goal is to beat your opponent, causing them to stall, trip or damaging their health, while you avoid obstacles, collect hearts and leave your opponent far behind

2_Player_Standard_iPadAs the game progresses, difficulty increases and the game starts throwing in special waves – 20 second sections where everything changes.  Underwater sections cause the player to float instead of jump, fast waves move faster (oddly enough) and the dizzying spin wave causes the whole game world to revolve around the players on the central line.

Lub Vs Dub also features a single player game mode, which features a more traditional endless runner mechanism.

Futuro tells us the simple controls and intuitive gameplay can be learned in seconds, but mastering the game is going to take some practice, with tactics, as well as reflexes, required to become a truly skilled player.

2Player_Underwater_iPadThe game is OUT NOW for iOS devices – iPhone and iPad.  It’s priced at a ridiculously reasonable £0.69/$0.99.

You can find out more about the game – and the team on the Futuro website, on Facebook, or keep track of the team on Twitter.

Now go and buy it.

futurotitleCongratulations to the Futuro team, we’re already enjoying the game – and looking forward to your next project…

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