Daley Thompson’s Decathlon Is BACK For iOS & Android

Daley Thompson’s Decathlon Is BACK For iOS & Android

If you’re a dedicated retro-gamer, or if you’re just old, you’ll be familiar with the classic sports title, Daley Thompson’s Decathlon.  Originally publisher in 1984 (by Ocean, fact fans…), the game offered players the chance to compete in the ten Decathlon events as the multiply-medalled and incredibly idolised Daley Thompson.

The game was famous as one of the first button-bashers, with players hitting alternate keys, or wrenching their joysticks from side to side to run, jump, leap, throw and chuck their way to victory.

Now Daley’s back for the new generation of iOS and Android devices.  Now we discover just how strong Gorilla Glass actually is.

The game has been developed by Edinburgh’s Black Company Studios and published by Bliss Kiss Productions.  It’s been released simultaneously on both iOS and Android.

All ten of the Decathlon events are included: 100 metres, Long Jump, Shot Put, High Jump, 400 metres, 110 metre Hurdles, Discus, Pole Vault, Javelin and the 1500 metres.

The game recreates the original’s retro graphics, along with the classic control system.  Two virtual buttons on either side of the screen are joined by a jump/throw button in between them.

The game is officially licensed and has been developed with the full support of Daley Thompson himself – who appreciates the original game’s now famous control mechanism…

“I have often said if I had a pound for everyone who comes up to me in the street and says they loved the game but almost wore out their computer joysticks or fingers playing my decathlon game in the 80,’s I would be a millionaire! And it felt right this year with the Games in London to bring it back out for phones and tablet computers – I loved playing it then and am getting pretty good at the new version!”

Daley Thompson’s Decathlon is out now and can be downloaded from the Apple App store or from Google Play.  There’s a lot of sporting goodness there for a gold medal price of £1.49/$1.99.

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