Edinburgh Man Becomes (a) God Thanks To Video Game

Edinburgh Man Becomes (a) God Thanks To Video Game

Curiosity hi-res 1Bryan Henderson, all praise his mightiness, an unassuming chap from Edinburgh has become supreme deity with a near infinite power of life and death over an entire population, thanks to his ineffable mastery over video games.

In his wisdom, Mr Henderson (praise him unto the furthest stars) downloaded Curiosity, an ‘experiment’ for iOS created by famed designer, artist, provocateur and digital craftsperson, Peter Molyneux.

Players were challenged to chip lumps off a hulking, sinister cube, to remove the skins, layer by layer to reveal the centre.  A mystical, magical centre of surpassing secretness.  A centre which, it turns out, elevated the winner to Godhood itself.

Cube_(PSF)For over a year, artisans and craftspeople of every stripe have been chipping, hacking and bashing away at the monstrous pretend cube.  Stripping away layer after layer of pixely skin, all hoping, striving and dreaming of the core.

Yet, it was breached only yesterday.  By Bryan Henderson – may his benevolent glance pass over you – who knocked a hole into the middle and found that Peter Molyneux was making him a God.  And giving him some money.

There was also talk of a t-shirt.  And disciples.

So, Mr Molyneux’s new game, Godus, will feature an omniscient and omnipotent deity.  That’s Mr Henderson (all hail Mr Henderson).  He’ll be able to decide on some fairly fundamental aspects of how Godus works.  He’ll also get a cut of every sale.

Which is a sweet, if terrifying responsibility to land upon anyone’s shoulders.  Better yet, Mr Henderson (joy unto those who receive his benevolence) isn’t a massive Peter Molyneux fan, or major Curiosity player, having downloaded the game only an hour or so before the core was breached and Peter Molyneux’s splendid godliness seeped out.

Curiosity Image 4Congratulations to Mr Henderson (may the golden radiance of his smile illuminate you) and we’re looking forward to the eventual and inevitable schism, inquisition, excommunication and execution of those who fail to expect the Godus inquisition.

Did Curiosity work?  Was the experiment a success? Will absolute power corrupt absolutely?


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