Retro Jet Set Spectrum Pinball Emerges From Smiling Bag

In the good old days, games were better.  They were simpler, but at the same time far more unforgiving.  They were shorter, but took far longer to load.  They were more creative, but far more limited in terms of experience. There's a particular type of gamer, normally those of a certain age, who will, given... Continue Reading →

Run For The Sun, Little One, You’re An Outlaw Once Again…

OK, the game this post is actually about is a brand new online title from the recently formed Mainly About Games studio, called Run From The Sun.  However, the chance to use Bucks Fizz lyrics for a headline, was just far too tempting to pass up. Please do NOT get confused.  You SHOULD go to... Continue Reading →

Tealy & Orangey – dual control puzzle fun – PLAY IT

Tealy & Orangey is a brand new online game from, aka Freakyzoid, aka Mr Anthony Gowland. Written in about seven days, as a bit of an exercise to practice Flash and Flixel, Tealy and Orangey is a platformer with a twist.  You control two blobs - one teal and one orange (those colours are... Continue Reading →

Spiffing Games Wants You To Get Infected

Dundee-based indie games developer Spiffing Games has released its latest title, Infected, which is now free to play online. Infected is an unashamed homage to classic board games like Go or Othello, in which the player has to place pieces on a grid to occupy as much space as possible and turn the opposing player's... Continue Reading →

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