Tealy & Orangey – dual control puzzle fun – PLAY IT

Tealy & Orangey is a brand new online game from MainlyAboutGames.co.uk, aka Freakyzoid, aka Mr Anthony Gowland.

Written in about seven days, as a bit of an exercise to practice Flash and Flixel, Tealy and Orangey is a platformer with a twist.  You control two blobs – one teal and one orange (those colours are *so* hot right now…)  Each blob reacts identically to the controls and you have to get them both into their respective end zones.  Simple.

Well, simple to begin with.  Tealy & Orangey quickly ramps up the difficulty with some very neat level design and provides the sort of ‘one more go’ type of challenge which can suck up an entire afternoon, or leave the player wondering how it got to 2am.

Since the game was released around a week ago, it’s racked up over 150,000 plays on Kongregate with comments like “This… is wonderful..” from players.

@FreakyZoid has even provided a bit of insight into the concept and development of the game over on his blog, which is well worth a read if you’re interested in how the game came into being.

In the meantime, go and play…

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