Spiffing Games Wants You To Get Infected

Spiffing Games Wants You To Get Infected

Dundee-based indie games developer Spiffing Games has released its latest title, Infected, which is now free to play online.

Infected is an unashamed homage to classic board games like Go or Othello, in which the player has to place pieces on a grid to occupy as much space as possible and turn the opposing player’s infected pieces back into clean, healthy, sparkly pieces.  Infected can be played single-player against an AI player, or online against other, presumably real, people.

Spiffing’s frontman Darran Jamieson has been pleased with the game’s reception.  “It’s been frontpaged on Kongregate, which is great for us and we’ve just hit 40,000 plays on that site for the first day, so it’ll be interesting to see how things pan out over the next week or so.”

Infected is the company’s second game.  Their first title, Equanimity, can also be played on their website.

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