Run For The Sun, Little One, You’re An Outlaw Once Again…

OK, the game this post is actually about is a brand new online title from the recently formed Mainly About Games studio, called Run From The Sun.  However, the chance to use Bucks Fizz lyrics for a headline, was just far too tempting to pass up.

Please do NOT get confused.  You SHOULD go to Kongregate and play Run From The Sun.  You should NOT immediately rush out and buy a copy of Bucks Fizz singing The Land Of Make Believe.

To return to the game, then… RFTS is an inspired piece of one-button gaming, in which the sun is exploding and players must guide their space rocket from planet to planet, with limited fuel and air (and a gigantic ball of burning plasma going nova right behind them).

Each planet orbits clockwise or counter clockwise and has a certain amount of gravitational pull.  Players must time the launch of their mighty rocket with a carefully timed click or button press and hope that the initial acceleration and momentum, along with the planet’s gravity will allow the craft to land safely.

However, the sun is moving fast, so it’s a constant challenge to hit the next planets before you are swallowed in screaming firey oblivion, your very soul blistered and torn from your body in a microsecond of raw agony.  Or so we imagine.

You can check out the game trailer below, or go to Kongregate right this very second – and enjoy…

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