Develop Wants YOU(r Games)

Develop Wants YOU(r Games)

develop mag logoIn addition to organising secret events, Develop magazine is also putting together a list of forthcoming titles for a directory of new games from the UK. It’s an awesome idea and one long overdue…

The initial list can be found here. It contains 156 games, which seems… a little light. Less than a dozen are from Scotland’s 90+ studios, so we suspect they’re missing quite a few.

Games in development, or very recently released across all formats are what they’re after. With a web link if you’ve, you know, dared to mention the game on your website yet. If you’d like your game(s) featured, let them know and do please copy in your friendly neighbourhood Scottish Games Network, so we can catalogue and cover your awesome new games too.

Congratulations to Quartic Llama, Guerilla Tea, Stand Out Games, Cloudgine, Robot Overlord, Rockstar North, Hidden Armada, Ludometrics and Beartrap for getting in early…


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