Out Now – Word Trick For iOS

Word Trick, Outplay Entertainment's first title for Apple iOS is now live on the App Store in the US, UK, Canada and Europe.  The game is new take on the classic board game formula.  Players take it in turns to make the highest scoring words they can from a selection of eight letters. The board... Continue Reading →

Proper Games’ Yo Deshi – Free on iPad – Today Only

To celebrate the fourth of July, the team at Proper Games is making their brand new iPad game, Yo Deshi, FREE - but only for 24 hours. What is Yo Deshi?  Well, Proper Games describes it like this: YoDeshi is the long lost game from ancient China! This 1-2 Player game is perfect for passing... Continue Reading →

Spiffing Games Wants You To Get Infected

Dundee-based indie games developer Spiffing Games has released its latest title, Infected, which is now free to play online. Infected is an unashamed homage to classic board games like Go or Othello, in which the player has to place pieces on a grid to occupy as much space as possible and turn the opposing player's... Continue Reading →

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