Proper Games’ Yo Deshi – Free on iPad – Today Only

Proper Games’ Yo Deshi – Free on iPad – Today Only

To celebrate the fourth of July, the team at Proper Games is making their brand new iPad game, Yo Deshi, FREE – but only for 24 hours.

What is Yo Deshi?  Well, Proper Games describes it like this:

YoDeshi is the long lost game from ancient China! This 1-2 Player game is perfect for passing the time whilst gently flexing your brain. Quick games or Hard battles, you decide with configurable boards! Feel this is just a walk in the park for you? Use the game set-up feature to make it just that bit tougher!

Yo Deshi is a beautiful one or two player game of Mental Martial Arts where you can challenge your friend on one iPad or Yo Deshi’s very own “Student Xue” and “Master Renshu”. 

Various game options, along with two opponents, provide different difficulty levels, making Yo Deshi suitable for everyone.Each player takes a turn choosing a Numbered Tile on the board from either their horizontal, or vertical options. The player with the most points wins. As with any ancient board game, the more you train the more you learn – think ahead and force your opponents hand, get inside their head and defeat them with your cunning.

You can find Yo Deshi – for free – on iTunes

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