Dundee’s InGAME has Published its Economic Impact Report

Dundee’s InGAME has Published its Economic Impact Report

InGAME, the Dundee-based research programme led by Abertay University alongside the Universities of Dundee and St. Andrews, has this week released their Economic Impact Report: a document detailing the financial impact of its work in the Scottish games industry to date, and the potential impact going forward.

Brace for Impact

Founded in 2018, InGAME has spent the last five years researching ways to increase the scale and value of the games sector in Dundee. Now, BiGGAR Economics, a leading independent economic consultancy based in Penicuik, has carried out a report into the economic impact of their efforts so far.

The full report, which is available to download and read via this link, covers a wide range of topics, including InGAME’s mission statement and history, the sectoral challenges facing the games industry in Scotland and beyond, and InGAME’s plans to develop an ‘innovation ecosystem’ in Scotland that can drive further growth through smarter, more efficient working practices.

The full results from this report are an essential read for anyone involved in the Scottish games sector, but a few high-level points stand out as key. For every £1 of public funding InGAME has received, they have stimulated £2.08 in R&D investment from industry partners, leading to a total figure of £84.7 million GVA for the UK video games sector. In addition, the report predicts that InGAME will generate upwards of £55 million GVA, alongside 115 jobs, within the Tay Cities region alone as things progress.

These are encouraging results, and it’s great to see the hard work of those at InGAME pay off as they strive to make the Scottish games industry bigger, better, and more sustainable. You can check out the full report for yourself here, and learn more about InGAME and their work on their website.

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