Last Call for Speakers for Scottish Games Week 2023

Last Call for Speakers for Scottish Games Week 2023

Scottish Games Week 2023 is fast approaching, and key figures in the games industry across the nation and beyond are poised to descend on Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Dundee for five days of learning, laughing, and networking. For those interested in taking a more active role at the event, and delivering a spoken presentation to your fellow attendees, there are just two days left to apply to be one of the speakers at Scottish Games Week 2023.

Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

In contrast to the majority of games industry events, Scottish Games Week deals with the games ecosystem as a whole, embracing facets like education, the cross-medium implications of games and games tech, and more. This diverse approach means that the speakers featured can be equally diverse: if you’ve got a left-field games topic you want to discuss, your time is now.

Last year’s event saw speakers like Adil Latif and Chris Hainsworth from Blind Burners, Kelly Vero of, and industry legend David Mullich, to name but a few. With this year’s event coming up, you have the chance to join their hallowed ranks, and deliver a presentation to a highly-engaged industry audience.

There are still speaker slots available for both the Industry Conference, which takes place on the 30th and 31st of October at Edinburgh’s Dynamic Earth, and for More Than Games, which takes place on the 3rd of November at Glasgow’s Corinthian Club. If a full-on talk or presentation isn’t your thing, you can always apply to be part of a panel or roundtable discussion, or even run a workshop if that suits your subject better: Scottish Games Week is expanding in its second year, which means more ways for you to get your message across.

Applications are open until Friday the 18th of August at 18:00, and you can apply via this Google Form. This is an exciting opportunity to engage with the Scottish Games community at large, so if you’ve got something to say, now’s the time to say it!

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