Wikipedia – What Videogames Have Been Made In Scotland?

Wikipedia – What Videogames Have Been Made In Scotland?

There’s a question. What videogames HAVE been made in Scotland? On a recent planning call for Scottish Games Week, local legend Gary Penn asked that very question. It’s a tough one to answer. Back in 2014-15 I started to collect all of the releases coming from developers in Scotland and stuck them in a spreadsheet (you can still find it here).

Since then however, while we’ve written about every release we know about, the industry has grown, the number of studios and developers have increased and it’s been trickier to keep track of all of the releases coming from developers across Scotland. While there is a page for videogames set in Scotland, tracking down games which are made here are harder to find.

So it’s about time to address that. Gary and I are planning to create a Wikipedia page for ‘Videogames made in Scotland’. As a starting point, we’re asking YOU, the developers, the creators, the makers out there, to list YOUR games in a Google Sheet.

Back in 2020 at the start of lockdown, I asked for available games, which was shared as part of the ‘Work From Home’ pack that our friends at ScotlandIS put together to help people who were looking for tools and tech to help them work from home. We pulled together nearly 60 games from developers in Scotland.

Now we’re after more. We we want ALL of them.

So the ask is simple. Please add your games or, if you know of any games created in Scotland that are not listed – please just add the name and whatever details you know (platform, release date, developer, etc.) and we can pick that up and go looking for more information.

The goal is to produce a definitive list of all the games ever made in Scotland as a page on Wikipedia. This should be a fairly high return on Google (other search engines are available) and will be a valuable resource for anyone looking for more information on the Scottish games ecosystem, both current and historical.

You can find the spreadsheet of games here. Please take a few minutes to add your own games – as well as any others you spot are missing. This will be something we can all benefit from and show exactly how extensive and diverse the games coming out of Scotland really are.

Add Your Games Here

Thanks for your help.

Brian and Gary

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