Zappaty Wants Indie Developers

Zappaty Wants Indie Developers

Studios Wanted For Games Tech Research

Zappaty, the games tech pioneer which is headquartered in Dundee, is currently seeking enthusiastic indie developers to take part in a series of research sessions to explore a brand-new collaboration feature for the Unity engine.

Established in 2021, Zappaty’s platform enables developers and studios using Unity to collaborate on projects more effectively and create secure backups of projects, removing the need for complicated and outdated development methods.

The company is now updating the platform and planning to introduce new features to enhance Zappaty’s existing capabilities. The Zappaty team are looking for a limited number of experienced and enthusiastic indie developers to share their plans with, get feedback and gain valuable insights.

Developers interested in being part of this research are invited to contact Zappaty directly. Applications are open until Friday 26th August 2022.

For more information, or to apply to join the research programme, please contact: Nazan Ünlütürk via email.

About Zappaty

Following it’s initial funding round of £450,000 in 2021, the company is planning to grow its team in Dundee to around 50 once the platform is launched.

To find out more about the company, or its technology, you can follow Zappaty on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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