Zappaty: Games Tech Company Opens Dundee Office

Zappaty: Games Tech Company Opens Dundee Office

Zappaty, a new games technology company has just opened its first office in the heart of Dundee, after securing £450,000 in funding from private investors.

Zappaty is a backup and collaboration solution for Unity, which enables teams of developers to facilitate issues associated with game development, such as large files, spread across projects with multiple users.

The company was born out of real-world experience of using of Unity in portfolio business – Haptec Motion Platforms. Developers became frustrated when trying to backup and collaborate using off-the-shelf products, so came up with their own solution, which in turn became Zappaty.

Global Ambition

Zappaty plans to spend the next three to six months on beta testing ahead of a full launch towards the end of the year. It is projecting sales of £500,000 in the first quarter of 2022 growing to £8.3 million by the end of 2023. By that timethe company hopes to have 35,000 users and 50 staff in Dundee.

The company is planning another funding round in the next year which could be another private investment, or potentially use crowd funding.

Spencer Buchan, chief marketing officer, told The Courier there was huge global potential for the product:

We have come to Dundee to launch because it’s at the heart of the gaming community. We could have chosen anywhere in the world, but we chose Dundee.

New Products

Zappaty CEO John Thornewill told The Courier he developed the platform based on his own frustrations with Unity:

I took to researching a dedicated solution that would eradicate and bypass these problems giving the end user confidence in the application and ease of use. I believe Zappaty to be the only backup and collaboration solution written from the ground up to be compatible with Unity.

The company hopes to develop other Zappaty products from its Dundee development base.

“It’s a global product,” Mr Buchan added. “To be able to launch it out of Dundee is pretty exciting.”

The company does not yet have a website, but you can follow its progress on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Photo by David Ross on Unsplash

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