Scottish Edge Funding Competition – Last Call For Entries

Scottish Edge Funding Competition – Last Call For Entries

£100,000 Funding Competition Open To ALL Small Businesses In Scotland

Scottish EDGE round 20 is currently open for applications with the deadline date for applications at 2pm on Tuesday 23rd August 2022.  With awards of up to £100,000 on offer this could be transformational for early-stage Scottish businesses.

The Scottish EDGE competition is a huge opportunity for small businesses in Scotland, which far too few games studios and games companies apply for. The entrance criteria are simple and can be completed entirely online. To enter the competition, businesses must complete the online application form and include a link to a three-minute video pitch presentation focused upon the business.

The Scottish EDGE team are always happy to hear from games studios and game-related tech businesses across the whole of Scotland. In addition, the organisers are also offering a variety of ways to help Scottish companies make successful applications.

Key Support for Scottish EDGE Round 20 includes:

  • R20 Workshop – the Scottish EDGE Round 20 Online Workshop was delivered on 3rd August, providing key information for businesses planning on applying for the current round.  A playback of this workshop is available to view here:
  • R20 Application Support – in addition to the workshop session detailed above, there is also lots of support available on the Scottish EDGE website including the Competition Brochure (which tells you all you need to know about the competition, including details of the assessment criteria), Blank Application Template (this is a word document version of the application form to allow you to work on your answers before putting these online) and Example three-minute Pitch Videos (videos submitted by some of the past winners…)

Categories and awards in Scottish EDGE Round 20 include:

  • Scottish EDGE category – as well as prizes up to £100,000 (70% Loan / 30% Grant), plus the special category awards, one winner will win time with Sir Tom Hunter
  • Social Enterprise EDGE – have altered the prize split to 70% Grant / 30% Loan, with top prize on offer up to £75,000
  • Young EDGE – up to 14 awards overall, with an increased top prize available of £20,000 (100% Grant)
  • Wild Card EDGE – up to eight awards overall, with an increased top prize available of £20,000 (100% Grant)
  • Community EDGE Award – newly introduced award, where one applicant who is doing something great for society or the planet will win an award.  The winner of this award will be voted for and selected by the Scottish EDGE community

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