COMING SOON: Scathe A New FPS From Dundee’s Damage State

COMING SOON: Scathe A New FPS From Dundee’s Damage State

Damage State, a three-person games studio in Dundee is launching its action-packed FPS Scathe on PC via the Steam and Epic Games Stores on 31st August, 2022. Console versions of the game will follow in early 2023

Damage State is working with publisher Kwalee (founded by Codemasters founder and CEO David Darling in 2011) to release Scathe.

To celebrate the announcement, a new blood-soaked gameplay trailer has been released showcasing Scathe’s Dark Magic powers and how they can be used in the battle against the evil lurking deep in the pits of hell.

Players must scour the underworld for ancient relics and harness the dark powers of the Fallen Mages. Charge up arcane energy by crushing enemies and channel it into potent spells to wreak havoc on the legions of Hell.

About Scathe 

Scathe is an adrenaline fueled, classic FPS with big guns and even bigger demons. You play as Scathe, Enforcer of the legions of Hell, forged from the earth by the Divine Creator themself. And you, like your fallen kin before you, must prove your worth by navigating a deviously crafted maze, entangled with demonic evil at every twist and turn. So, grab your Hellhammer, lock’n’load and get ready to unleash your almighty fury!

Key Features:

  • ESCAPE THE MAZE – Your task is simple; collect the three Hellstones and get to the centre of the maze. Choose your own path by navigating expertly handcrafted zones – each filled with danger around every corner. Collect runes the need to progress, and smite all that stand in your way.
  • BULLET HELL – Scathe is not your ordinary FPS… Get ready for bullet-hell where you must dodge countless waves of deadly projectiles. By utilising Scathe’s incredible speed, you can  dash through attacks, leaving you unharmed. Keeping on the move is the key to survival.
  • LOCK’N’LOAD – Rip through your enemies with Scathe’s insanely powerful arsenal of weapons, each equipped with a devastating secondary fire. Spew hellfire with the Hot Hatch or slice through endless evil with the buzz saw launcher, Bow Blade.
  • DROP IN/DROP OUT ONLINE MULTIPLAYER – Scathe will support full crossplay online multiplayer where players can drop-in and drop-out at any time. Already lost deep within the labyrinth? Call upon up to three friends to join the fight. Choose your kin wisely, because in Scathe, everyone shares the same pool of lives.

Scathe is scheduled to release for PC via Steam and Epic Games Store on 31st August, 2022. Consoles will follow in early 2023. Fans can wishlist the game on Steam now. Keep up to date with all the latest news by visiting the official website here or join the conversation on the social media channels – Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Discord 

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