Company Profile: Ayrshire Interactive

Company Profile: Ayrshire Interactive

Company Name:

Ayrshire Interactive

Date Founded:


Business Type:

Games Development Company 



Managing Director:

Ayrshire Interactive is a collective and we don’t have any one person in charge. However, for communication purposes Steven Benson would be the person of contact. 

Key Staff:

  • Steven Benson
  • Julian Kelly
  • Kieran Lewis 
  • Kristofer Stevenson 

This is all the key staff in Ayrshire Interactive. There are no specific roles that each member has as we all dabble in each area of games development. 

Number of Employees:

There are four employees that make up Ayrshire Interactive

Contact Details:

The best form of contact is the company email:

Social Media Links

Game Links:

Key Games:

We are currently working on our Early Access game Equilibrium.

Equilibrium is a game where the player must manage their own planet. The player’s main objective will be to help keep a fine balance within their planet’s atmosphere so that the life inhabiting it can survive on a healthy planet.

The game consists of resource management, these resources can help contribute to making the planet healthy again. Resources can regenerate faster if the player invests into the resource i.e. add more funding towards fully electrifying vehicles. This will, in turn, make them more available and affordable for the planets populous.

Main Areas Of Business:

We are a group of four game developers and designers who have so far supported themselves. We concentrate on developing our own unique concepts and incorporating them into game production. Our current concentration is on PC development, with hopes to extend into console and mobile development in the future.

Elevator Pitch:

We are a company that pride ourselves on our values and morals. We have worked on games with each other for six to seven years now. The company has a relaxed atmosphere with no development crunches, and we care for everyone’s mental health. On top of that we want to make a range of games that have positive underlying messages in the hope of making the world better.   

Projects and/or Partners:

We are only working on Equilibrium but when the time is right, we will move over to working on other projects. 

Highlight/s To Date:

So far, the company has partaken in Tranzfuser to highlight and promote the game. We were also honored to have received the Keir Hardie Award for Environmental Excellence 2022. 

Greatest achievement So Far:

Our proudest achievement so far is us winning the Kier Hardie award for Environmental Excellence. 

Tell us something about you that nobody really knows:

There were two games we were toying around with the idea of making as our first release. We clearly went with Equilibrium, but we were also looking at creating a blob horror game where you played as an ever-expanding blob trying to destroy objects in its path. Although we did not make this it may still be a project we would like to work on.  

Willing to challenge other companies at which online/multiplayer game:

We all have our own taste in games but one game that we are quite good at is Forza Horizon

Best Console Ever?

In our opinion one of the best consoles ever would be the Sega Dreamcast. It either invented new genres of games or utterly revolutionized old ones. 

If your company was a movie, it would be…?

We would have to go with Oceans 11 because there is planning that has to happen, there are deadlines that have to be met and there is always problem solving to be done. 

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