Coming Soon: Tray Racers! – New From Bit Loom Games

Coming Soon: Tray Racers! – New From Bit Loom Games

Dundee-based Bit Loom Games, the creator of PHOGS!, revealed its next title, the cute and chaotic free-to-play party racer, Tray Racers! at the Future Games Show.

Players can challenge friends in fun and frenzied online races, armed with nothing but a trusty tray and the will to be thrilled. Tray Racers! will hit PC and Nintendo Switch in 2023. You can check the exclusive preview trailer here…

OK, so the apocalypse happened and the world ended, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! In Tray Racers!, players must grab a tray and get ready to slide, drift, and trick their way down the dunes to the finish line. Play solo or party with pals and enjoy the unique, randomly-generated tracks stuffed full of weird and wonderful vistas, hazards, creatures, as well as plenty of surprises from a mix of bizarre and beautiful environments.

Tray Racers! Features:

  • Race with up to 16 players in chaotic online multiplayer
  • Embrace your inner daredevil and pull off cool tray tricks and combos
  • Two awesome race modes: Freestyle Race and Daily Race
  • Hang out with friends and mess around at the Camp
  • Pet *everything* with a dedicated ‘pet-the-thing’ button
Tray Racers by Bit Loom Games.

Henry Pullan, Programmer and Music Producer at Bit Loom Games told the Scottish Games Network:

After finishing PHOGS! we wanted to try something a bit different. With all the buzz around Ray Tracing in games at the time we joked that we should make a Tray Racing game. Obviously the joke became a prototype for a downhill racer and Tray Racers! was born! We loved seeing how much fun players had together in PHOGS! so we were excited to make something we could jump into with a bigger group of friends and we hope others will too!

About Bit Loom:

Bit Loom is Douglas, Henry and James. Three friends who love making games that surprise and delight players. Bit Loom’s debut (BAFTA-nominated) game PHOGS! took players on a double-ended dog adventure across three strange worlds. Bit Loom started out of a desire to make games that are easy to pick up and play with a focus on surprising and delighting players in colorful, non-violent worlds.

Coming Soon

Tray Racers! is made with love in Dundee and will be hitting PC and Nintendo Switch – for free – later in 2023.

Go and add the game to your Steam wishlist. Follow it on Twitter, or show it some love on the TikToks.

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