OUT NOW: Phogs

OUT NOW: Phogs

One of the delights of being back in the Scottish videogames scene is the knowledge that somewhere – out there – is a team working on something new and interesting, which you’ll never hear about until the game hits the market (and maybe not even then…)

Phogs is such a delight. A brand new title for almost every contemporary device and platform, which is already charming the Totoro socks off reviewers around the world.

The game is a very, very physics-based puzzler – the name itself is a shortened version of ‘Physics Dogs’ – in which you control a pair of conjoined doggies (Red & Blue), with each end capable of independent movement and control.

Before you start thinking of a puppy-based version of the Human Centipede, don’t worry, Phogs is far, FAR sweeter, cuter and features more chew toys and general pup-based fun, than any other game to date. Think Noby Noby Boy, without the general nightmare quality, or PushMe PullYou, without the competitive tension.

And of course, with two heads and no tails, there’s no poo to worry about…

You play it like a twin-stick shooter, with each stick controlling a head. You can bark, bite, grab and manipulate your way through three worlds – food, play, and sleep – all things dear to a Phog’s canine/snake heart.

Phogs. Sleep World.

It’s deeply weird, in a charming way. Or utterly charming, in a weird way. You travel between levels, by getting swallowed by giant worms. The locals seem friendly and range from primary-coloured trolls, through to giant wobbly eggs and wacky waving, inflatable arm-flailing tube men.

You can even play it multiplayer – cooperatively of course – either locally, or online.

If you haven’t come across it before, don’t feel too bad, neither had we. Phogs has been developed by Dundee studio Bit Loom, and published by Coatsink.

The game is out now for, (deep breath), Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Steam and Google Stadia, where it will cost you around £20(ish).

Phogs. Play World

So far Phogs is reviewing very well. It’s been recommended by Eurogamer, listed as one of the top games of the month by Rock Paper Shotgun (alongside Cyberpunk and Empire of Sin), while Nintendo Life says:

Phogs is a genuine dose of unbridled joy in a weird, physics-y, dog-tube package. It’s hard to play this game without having a huge, goofy smile on your face.

Phogs. Screenshot

It’s currently sitting at 82% on Metacritic.

You can find Phogs for your platform of choice below:

Phogs for Nintendo Switch

Phogs for Xbox

Phogs for PlayStation 4

Phogs for Steam

Phogs for Google Stadia

You can find out more about the game on the website, Facebook and Twitter and it turns out that BitLoom has a website and social channels too!

Congratulations to the BitLoom team, we’d love to speak to you at some point soon.

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