Cerebral Puzzle Showcase

Cerebral Puzzle Showcase

Edinburgh-based game YouTube broadcaster Joe Plays Puzzle Games (aka game developer Joseph Mansfield) is the brains behind a new online event called the Cerebral Puzzle Showcase, which is running this week.

The Cerebral Puzzle Showcase runs from Thursday 19th to Monday 23rd of May. It’s being organised by UK-based developer/publisher Draknek & Friends, and they’ve enlisted Joe Plays Puzzle Games to help out with organising streams for the event.


Do you love puzzle games? Do you dabble every once in a while? Are you a puzzle novice curious to know if the genre is for you? Cerebral Puzzle Showcase was created to help you find your next favorite puzzle game!

Cerebral Puzzle Showcase, is a new Steam event showcasing over 100 classic and upcoming puzzle games. The event will feature discounts of award-winning heavy hitters as well as hidden gems, demos for upcoming titles, and live streams.

Several Scottish titles are included in the CPS, including the BAFTA award-winning SOLAS 128 and Recursed, with others potentially in the mix too (Joe admits he might just not know they’re Scottish).

Tune In, Turn On, Find Solutions

You can find the website for the Cerebral Puzzle Showcase here. You can also find Joe’s work on his website, follow his channel on YouTube and his Twitter account.

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