OUT NOW: Words Together – New From Outplay

OUT NOW: Words Together – New From Outplay

Outplay’s latest title, Words Together, is out now for Facebook’s Instant Gaming platform.

While Outplay is the UK’s largest independent mobile game developer, Words Together has been released for Facebook’s Instant Gaming Platform, which enables players to compete against each other via Facebook Messenger, or other social feeds, without having to install the game on their device.

Head To Head

Words Together allows friends to play against each other in the classic word-building game format, where the compsition and length of words give higher scores. Unlike Scrabble or Words With Friends, the game can be played asynchonously, against the clock, with each player getting the same sets of letters. Once each player has completed their round, they can share it with friends and challenge them to beat their high score. The ultimate winner is the player which gets the highest score after three rounds of competition, with trophies, achievements and unlocks as well as a shared leaderboard for social sharing.

The game is fully integrated with Facebook so players can challenge friends directly via Facebook Messenger or start a personal tournament with a one-click post to their newsfeed for friends to play against each other.

The game builds on the success of Outplay’s release of Solitaire Together, which launched earlier in 2022.

Douglas Hare, CEO of Outplay Entertainment, said:

We’re delighted to announce the second title in our return to making games for Facebook with the launch of Words Together. This platform continues to be a great way for us to begin developing more social-based, multiplayer titles for our players.

Words Together is OUT NOW and can be played on Facebook Gaming.

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